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That campaign to prevent HIV is great. I hope that it works.

Elizabeth D.Taylor


prevention is the key to stay healthy and survive this disease.

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HIV is a problem that concerns to everyone in the world.

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That kind of campaigns help very persons that suffer this terrible disease. Thanks for thinking of them.

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who in the bloody hell would believe that having sex with a virgin will cure you???
damn people is just to fucking nuts!!!!
just use a condom and do not have sex with the first person that comes out!

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Great campaign, thanks for help all that people..

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hello friend excellent psot about Know your status! this topic is very interesting

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The 'Know Your Status' campaign will not succeed without your willing participation. Get tested, and encourage your friends to get tested, too.


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Sibongile Mhlanga

I would like to do a camoaign on KNOW YOUR STATUS for all the Public Service Employees in Swaziland. I need information on how best to prepare for this event

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This campaign is spreading all over the town.

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