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evangelist  samuel   aniamalu

> i,m samuel an evangelist from christ apostolic
church nigeria ,
i have serve there as a station evangelist for 2 years
i,m now looking to fix in with any ministries
ro church to further the gospel work of christ
i have my diploma / doctorate degree in theology from
west africa theological seminary here in nigeria , i,m
fit for the ministry work conside r me pls .
i,m a native of enugu state in nigeria
> with the inerest to minister with you , pls
> i want you to host me in your church
> programes , both for revival crusades ,
> campmeeting , convention and other .
i,m interested to minister together with you fulltime
in the gospel outraech work pls.
pls invite me to come over and minister togehter wwith
you pls
> pls call me on , and give
> me the phone number that i will use to call
> you .
i,m looking for a ministry or church , wherre
i will minister in fulltime service for my god
pls .
i have a poor famliy background , there is none to help me , i,m the only son in family , i have 2 sisiter,s my mother is alive , but dad is late , i,m like jabez in the bible , pls help me to be come a better fellow in god,s vine yard , pls do all you can for me to ensure that i fet in with your ministr and work , cos i now that wiluse you people to bring me to a hight in the life yout the service that i will render to him in the ministry , ,m beging you to help me out pls .
.i,m now in nigeria.
and i wantr to be your representative or
cordinate your church branch pls , i have a
poor family background pls help me to come over
, be come who god wand me to be his ministry
work pls , there is none to help me , but
i want to be yuor representavie pls.
i have a poor family abckground there is
nione to help me sir pls .
we are three in number , i have 2
sister,s and i,m the only son in family ,
theere is no body to help me , pls in
any way you can help me to become who
god want,s me to be pls do .
i have suffered in this life , but
there is no help for me , pls i will not
let you down , do all you can for me i,m
serious looking for a ministry and a church
where i will work and serve my god pls ,
i,m like jabez in the bible , and i hpoe
that god will use your to bring me to my
goal in life as we team up to build his
kingdom .
i will be coming to lesotho this year on december ,pls i want you to send me invitation letter , and diret me on how i will locate you as soon as i come to lesotho pls
i want us to know more , when i come to lesotho , give me the number to call you.

call me on +2348066101621
, waiting to meet you soon .
> i,m a young guy of 26 years , i wait to
> minister with you in your church soon .
> thank,s
> your,s in him
> samuel
> evangelist .

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Hi there

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alease davis

I would love to believe that all these people are being healed of aids,but I too dont accept any claims of this sort without documented proof.I have been around Charismatic circles for enough years to know that many bogus healings are claimed by all kind of "faith healers" Mr.Angley,please show us the proof,please.And I dont mean another one of those books of purported miracles where everybodys identity is kept anonymous,to "protect their privacy".Sorry,but that proves nothing to a skeptical,but sincere investigator!Show us medical documentation by an impartial physician,for example..Show that the person really had the affliction in the first place,and that it is now completely gone.If you can do this,it will end up on CNN,and be broadcast around the world.I am serious,I would love to believe you,but I have been fooled too many times.

K.S. Bala Murugan

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alease davis

It has always bothered me that,in spite of being in TV for decades,there is never a filmed,visible miracle available for viewing.Not just Angley,but all these men and women who claim thatGod works through them.I do believe in miracles,but why are the TV ones always invisible.Yeah,yeah,Ive heard people say that if God did an obvious miracle,then we wouldnt need faith anymore.And I've heard it said that visible miracles only happen in primotive areas,where people have more faith,and are not as jaded as Americans.And I've heard it said that Americans havent been taught properly how to recieve miracles..None of these explanations seem to make much sense,because Jesus did miracles in front of hostile unbelievers,healed unbelievers(even those who struggled with doubt),did miracles which were visible to all onlookers(even His enemies never tried to say that He wasnt performing miracles).I've heard that we dont see the visible miracles because we now have all the modern medical advances..but medicine cant regrow a missing arm,a blind eye or cura one who is paralyzed.So why dont we see any visible miracles being performed today,on these shows. I dont know if it is true that Ernest Angley teaches that abortion is not a sin..I keep coming across that on a few sites,but I have never been able to confirm it.If this is true,this is a terrible,terrible sin.God knits us together in our Mother,s womb...human life is sacred,from the moment of conception.Life does not begin when a baby takes its first breath,how absurd can you get.Ask any woman who has had a child. Does anyone out there know for a fact if it is true that Rev.Angley teaches this.How about you members of his church who are always on here.Please,someone,tell me the truth,dont cover for Angley if he is wrong.You are not doing anyone a favor by refusing to answer this serious question.If this is a vicious lie being spread about Angley,then set the record straight.Why do I have a feeling that I am only going to get dead silence on this one..any takers? Ernest Angley causes great fear in Christians,who believe his doctrines about "the unforgivable sin" for example.He says that if anyone,even a born again Christian,says that his miracles are not real,then they have "Blasphemed the Holy Spirit.Are we expected to accept claims for which no evidence is ever provided,and nothing visible is ever seen?People like me have been fooled too many times in the past,to ever be that trustingly naive ever again.I would love to believe that miracles are happening at Angley's,in fact I think they sometimes probably do.There are so many faith filled Christians that attend those meetings.But to damn us to Hell for being an honest skeptic,come on!I would love to see documentation of aids healings,not testimonies,not anonymous accounts(to protect people,s privacy)Surely some people out there would gladly let their stories be told,along with open medical documentation,names given,medical follow ups,etc.I know,some people will say"She is just a person with no faith,who wouldnt believe anyways"That could not be further from the truth.I have been a Christian for 32 years.I sought Christ on my own,at 15,after being raised in a Godless,agnostic family.I am a seeker of the truth in all things.I cannot blindly accept the claims of spiritual leaders.

K.S. Bala Murugan

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Alease Davis

Let me clarify my beliefs here.I believe that Ernest Angley is 100% sincere.I dont believe he is a charlatan.I dont know if the abortion rumor is true or not.I read it on a site called "Law vs Holiness",hosted by a formewr member of his church.This man is not against Angley,and in fact,respects him.He just wants Angley to realize how seriously,and tragically wrong this teaching is(if he actually teaches it.)


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