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James Clark

Well, if one is to assume the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient god...

That god's will is not going to be changed by a prayer, because it is impossible for that god not to know what he is going to do and act accordingly. God cannot change his "mind".

Even if a god exists, prayer is useless.


"Even if a god exists, prayer is useless"
I agree that it is useless as a tool for changing God's mind, assuming "the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient god". Praying to have an enemy cursed or praying to win the lottery is therefore ineffective, or should be.

But when one rightly believes in God, and prays selflessly, then prayer becomes something else. It becomes a moment of intense thought, meditation, and humble soul searching... assuming "the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient god".

James Clark

Be that as it may, it's not going to bring about the apparently desired results unless *people* get off their proverbial rear ends to set things straight (or croooked) themselves.



Bryan Wilhite

I would like to comment on this one but I fear going on and on... being misunderstood...

The first area of misunderstanding is when I ask Rethabile to examine the historical origin of the word "God." Just to pose this question shuts down 'good' people: they might put on their athiest protective gear when it is not needed.

We need to dig beneath these structures to find the Old Kingdom pyramids under the sand...

"God" is a word that came from England... Rethabile talking about Christian God is like Rethabile talking about Highland Games in Nigeria. The kilt looks funny on an African body... but people are dying over what I think is so funny---so I better stop laughing...

Since English is an egocentric materialistic language we cannot underestimate the problem of translating Biblical legends into this language.

Divinity is lost in the translation and we are left with is King George Bush God and linear prayers in 4/4 military beat.

Let's get back polyrhythms... Let's listen to old Blues instead of modern rock...


Bryan: If there's misunderstanding, then there's communication. Don't be afraid that we might misunderstand you.

The word "God" is occidental, you're right. In Sesotho we say Molimo (monotheistic) and Balimo (polytheistic). My use of the word is simply that: language. A superior being, whether it be a white-haired man with a smile, a black-haired woman with a grin, or the self. That's all. We in Lesotho were Chritianised by the 1833 French missionaries who converted Moshoeshoe I. There's nothing wrong with Christianity. Nor is there anything wrong with Buddhism, Islam and other religions. It is our interpretation and application of these teachings that are often wrong. And the interpretation and application are often wrong because of too much egoism/egotism.


PS: There's nothing wrong with the so-called animist beliefs either. II mean beliefs that I would label "of African origin." Nothing, but nothing wrong with them or any other religion.

Bryan Wilhite

One of the challenges our ancestors had to face was developing a storage mechanism for the accumulated wisdom of generations all the way back to the first ancestor.

Our ancestors were successful. They were successful not to make us proud to be Black or to terrify white people. Because pride on the scale of Western power (and white people) did not exist. All our ancestors wanted to do was to take care of their descendants. However, these French guys you talked about showed up and disrupted the data transfer process with a "new" protocol, trojan horses, phising attacks and of course viruses... It is not like these guys have some hidden switch that we can beg them to use and "switch off" all the "mistakes" they might admit to... They are only acting upon the information they receive from their ancestors...

Bishop Tutu still calls for reconciliation...

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