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Don't know the character well enough to comment truthfully. But I suppose he might tell us to do what he says, not what he does, assuming he actually did have unprotected intercourse with an HIV/AIDS patient.


Zuma has been exposed as a hypocrite so the rape allegations weren't exactly suprising. I think it he was arrogant enough to think that he could actually get away with raping a woman...this time though it seems he made the mistake of his life.


granted - but it still doesn't explain his having sex without a condom - why would he rapr a person he knwe had the virus?


granted - but it still doesn't explain his having sex without a condom - why would he rape a person he knew had the virus?


The belief that it wont (or worse - can't) happen to me, AKA denialism. This is in part why hiv/aids is so rampent in SA. the steadfast belief that while the virus is a risk it's not my risk.


Yes, denialism. That's what it is. I didn't know that's what that particular behaviour was called.

mike C

It is a measure of how caught up the south african perception of leadership remains, that people on the ground have not yet learnt, leaders are in it for themselves.

Sitting in an upmarket waterfront establishment listening to a highly qualified african american ridiculing south africa and its aids polciy provides a jaring international perspective. We are only fooling ourselves.

It is time for mass protests

John Gore

Simple! Zuma have had sexual relation with the woman long ago. He knew that this time won't change anything at all. One thing he certainly didn't know is that the woman was bought. Zuma is just an irresponsible person, not able to control himself; how could he control a country?


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