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Dear Mzansi,

I read you weblog! I am the editor of AfricaNews. AfricaNews is a digital newsletter and website that aims at giving a more balanced view of Africa. For our newsletter and website in English (which we are launching next week) we are looking for contributors to write the so-called AfricaDiary. The AfricaDiary must tell something about your daily live: it can be very broad: a conversation you had, a party you went to where something happened you were shocked /surprised about, an event you visited. Make it vivid and bring your own emotions/ideas into the story (use I).

The AfricaDiary has a prominent spot in the newsletter. We can include a link to your weblog.

Per day about 6.000 people visit our website and a couple of thousand people have a subscription to our weekly digital newsletter (which is for free). Till now we only published in Dutch, from the end of this month we will publish in English as well, which will make to readership far bigger.

Please have a look at the following links the see our website. The website is still very much under construction.
http://www.afrikanieuws.nl/ and www.africa-news.net
Link to two of the newsletters:

Please let me know if you are interested in contributing,

Hope to hear from you,

Kind regards,

Elles van Gelder

Editor AfricaNews

oakley frogskins

Hope to hear from you,

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