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Farrel Lifson

I see they don't mention our invasio^H^H^H^H^H^H^H humanitarian intervention in the mid 90's. I tell you, give Mangesuthu an inch and he takes a mile.


You're right, they don't mention the intervention. In fact, 1998 gets only two mentions: 1998--Nelson Mandela addresses the Moral Summit, where he spoke of the ?RDP soul?, suggesting a moral regeneration so as to restore the moral fibre of the South African nation.
1998--Brigalia Bam founder member and first president of Women's Development Foundation.

Now, why would that be?

As I've said somewhere at some stage before, Basotho are divided over the issue; some say it was an invasion, others say it was a requested intervention.

The people I talked to when last I was home, were happy about it. They were mostly the ones who had undergone the most hardship, those who had been at the receiving end of a dictatorship.

Those who were unhappy, I suppose, were the ones who had had things good during the hard years when there were no elections in Lesotho.

Now, is Mangosuthu trigger-happy? Perhaps so. Did the then (freely and fairly elected) government of Lesotho call for help from its neighbours? Perhaps so.


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