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I did my own bit of snooping around Christmas: http://www.gabbahead.com/?p=30

My theory is that the Christian religion later adopted a lot of ideas from Mithra and other older religions to convert people to the faith. For this same reason the devil and Pan closely resemble each other, since it made missionary work in old England easier.

Jesus was a bright guy with a lot of good ideas, enough to start a cult around him. Messiah cults are not rare at all in Judain history and most of them have tales of miracles and such connected to them.

The big problem behind the Jesus legend is the missing 18 years between 12 and 30. There is effectively less written about Jesus in the bible than what is not. Since the book, at most, covers 15 years of his life. We're all wondering when he was born, but we don't even know what he really did for more than half his life, especially the important, decisive teens and twenties.

Maybe it was dropped because the life of Jesus didn't sell that messiah message. Maybe he did get his ideas from Bhuddists on the South Asian and Middle Eastern trade routes? but then that wouldn't be the word of God, would it?

Christianity is a personality cult and celebrating a figure's birthday in a religious fashion is indicative of that. North Koreans celebrate the birthdays of its two leaders without fail (and highly fabricated births at that). That's not to say that birth-worship means you're in a personality cult. But perhaps it's a good idea to get a bit critical about your beliefs if that happens.


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