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James Clark

Brilliant post.

The view that "killing is wrong unless we do it" is fundamentally flawed.


Hi There,

I was browsing the web today and I came across your website and I was wondering why don't you join the South Africa Blog Aggregator at www.iopblogs.com


Bronwyn you need to empty your mail box as its bouncing back!!


Yeah, Bronwyn, I tried to send you something, too.

Rethabile Masilo

One thing that has kept nagging at me is: Did Tookie do it?

Perhaps we'll never know. My post above doesn't take into account whether he did it or not, it's a plea against killing, full-stop.

Still, I wondered, "Did he do it?"

This writer gets into some of that, for those like me who might be interested in finding out.

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tom-hayden/tookie-rip-revolution-i_b_12274.html


Check out a revolutionary view of this here:


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