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I read the Time issue with interest and I'm sold on the decision. Call the three of them what you will and they may come across as just rich people with too much time, money and a conscience. But it's more than that. The ideas put forward by the three and the changes they have seemingly made to how charity is approached is important. It's interesting to note the Bono did not use his own money to start his group DATA, so as not to make it appear a vanity project.

Trust? Lies? Who cares? What matters is that at least they are trying to make a difference and in a more proactive way that simply giving money to charity and rest easy, knowing that you've given your share. Charity in itself is a myth and an excuse to get us off the hook. More needs to be done and if it take a rock star and two software billionaires to do so, so be it! But I think that that's what your post says anyway.

Also keep an eye on the google founders. Their minds and hearts are in the right place, not so much for charity, but for improving mankind.

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