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Hello, I found your site via Global Voices Online. I, too, am a part of the project in regards to covering Bolivian blogs.

I was in Southern Africa last August, and I wish I had discovered your blog prior to my trip because it provides a good insight to your country. I just added your blog feed to my Bloglines account...


James Clark

Some people associate the jacarandas with exams, you know. ;-)


Beautiful photos - we have these in Nigeria also.


Ah Jacarandas... I'm studying in the States where it's getting colder and the trees are turning red and yellow. Nice to remember spring in South Africa, with jacarandas abloom all over Pretoria.


It seems that there is something about jacarandas that strikes a chord in people, apparently the first jacarandas were brought to South Africa in the late 1800's from Brazil.


Great photos. We have Jacarandas at my mother's house in Nairobi and remembering them just fills me with a sweet nostalgia. There's nothing like them. So perfect.

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