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Hi Mzansi

I need to get in touch with you about volunteering from Global voices - could you email me please!


Wow, this is one of the best local blog posts I have ever had the pleasure to read. Brilliant stuff Mzansi!

And btw, your writing is superb.


Thanks Steve!!!!! Much appreciated.


Oh, aren't old print media publications incredible?! One just have to keep reminding oneself of all the OTHER information we have, otherwise those old news articles could really pull you into the same hole as it did a lot of the people of that time.

I grew up in big towns and cities in South Africa, and never knew ONE black person, until I started working. No, no domestic angel in my ancient past, believe it or not.

This could explain why the media could report in such a fashion. I recently learned that a single row of brick houses were erected in Bloemfontein, to hide the squalor of the black population from the eyes of the visiting Prince of Whales.

It is today a national monument, I think.


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