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Interesting question. Well as far as I can surmise, (because you must remember we lived under a propagandist government who tightly controlled the flow of news and information)black visitors were not exactly encouraged to come to SA and I would imagine that most black people wouldn't want to come to a country where they were going to be discriminiated against.

Black foreigners were subject to the laws of apartheid even if they came here on holiday. It might have been different if a black diplomat visited from the UK or the US - I don't remember or know if that ever happened.

The only foreign black people who were encouraged to come to South Africa were the migrant labourers who came mainly from Lesotho and Swaziland to work on the mines, and they were treated just as badly and harshly as their South African counterparts.

I would also think that the old govt wouldn't have granted visas to black visitors and kept them out of the country. All black people from other African countries would probably have been regarded as potential terrorists.


Kind of what you're looking for...


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